Appraisal Experience:

Independent fee residential, subdivision, commercial, and industrial appraisals for numerous banks and savings and loan associations including Bank of America NT & SA, U.S. Bank, Umpqua Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, North Valley Bank, Redwood Capital Bank, Coast Central Credit Union, Luther Burbank Savings, and other major lenders.

VA fee panel, FHA fee panel, USDA fee panel, various venture capital groups, Mortgage Brokers Venture Capital lenders - appraised the Halverson site on Humboldt Bay for potential hotel and retail development.

Harbor Development - Crescent City - appraised leased land and did comprehensive lease analysis for motel development on harbor property. Appraised the Sutter Coast Hospital Site for harbor development and analyzed the impact of hazardous waste on the value of the land.
Crescent Bay Development Company - Crescent City - did mitigation work in conjunction with subdivision analysis for development on several large tracts of land.

Crescent City Harbor District - appraised the dredge disposal site for the Crescent City harbor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Del Norte Solid Waste Management - appraisal of properties for wetlands exchange with the State of California to expand the solid waste disposal property site and appraised various industrial sites for future development.

Westhaven Community Services District - appraised land with high capacity water output to secure Federal funding for development of the community water system. Weott Community Sewer District - appraised land for sewer easements for the entire community within tight time frame so that the district could secure Federal funding for the project. Redway Community Services District - appraisal of land to be included in new sewer treatment system.

City of Eureka - appraised many tracts of improved and unimproved land, including waterfront land for development and acquisition purposes.

City of Arcata - worked on various projects including ranches, water rights, wetlands, industrial development, and easements.

City of Arcata - appraised former industrial log pond for acquisition purposes. Appraisal of large former log mill properties in Humboldt County

U.S. Bureau of Land Management - with Jack Retzloff - did a majority of the appraisals of private land within the King Range Conservation Area for land swaps and buy-outs.

Wildlife Conservation Board/California Department of Fish and Game - appraisals of wetland and non-wetland property for inclusion into wildlife refuge areas.

St. Joseph's Hospital - appraisal of and did ground lease analysis of leasehold improved hospital land. Lease and feasibility analysis for planned St. Joseph's Activity Center in Fortuna.

Winzler and Kelly, Consulting Engineers - various projects involving wetland mitigation, finding alternate sites for wetland development, sewer easements, river bed easements for percolation sites for treated wastewater, and related projects. Sutter Coast Hospital site analysis.

Janssen Malloy Marchi Needham & Morrison - appraisal of improved lands condemned for the Humboldt County Jail site; boundary disputes, water rights.

Jack Retzloff California State Probate Referee - appraised many estates for probate purposes. Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District - appraisal of dredge disposal site easement and temporary work easements.

Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District - appraisal of various industrial, submerged lands, filled lands, and tidelands in or on Humboldt Bay for lease purposes, potential acquisition, or trade purposes, all with approval by the State Lands Commission. Industrial property rent analyses.

Currently California State Probate Referee Humboldt, Del Norte, and Modoc Counties - appointment 1998; Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou - temporary appointment 2011.

Appraisal of hydroelectric power plant riparian tunnel easements, lease analysis - Lassen County

Appraisal of JPA Temporary Transfer Station Arcata site/rent analysis

Wildlife Conservation Board - State of California - appraisal of ranch land in the Jacoby Creek watershed area for acquisition

BLM - completed an appraisal of property with nearly one mile of ocean frontage for inclusion into the KRNCA

Appraisal of Radio Towers

Appraisal of several tracts of coastal property in Bodega Bay for acquisition by the County of Sonoma (Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District)

Appraisal of river front gravel bars leases and acquisitions

Manila Community Services District - appraisal of ocean front land for sewer leach field expansion and acquisitions

Sign Appraisals/Highway widening takings and surface easements for stoplight pedestals.

Conservation easements - large ranches and timberlands.

Trust and Conservatorship appraisals for various law firms.

Appraisal of habitat sensitive lands for private parties

Appraisals of Cold Storage facilities

Appraisal of Aquaculture lands and facilities, Native Nursery lands

Appraisal of lands for acquisition by the City of Rio Dell for Sewer Plant

Appraisal of properties in multiple states for multi-national companies

Appraisal of sewer easements in the City of Eureka

Appraisal of various timberlands

Appraisal of large coastal ranch properties

Appraisal of commercial, retail, industrial, restaurants, post office buildings, etc. for national

employee benefit plan with property in several states.

Area of Competence:

General Real Estate Appraisals: Single-Family & Multiple Family residential appraisals; Acreage, Ranch, and Timberland real estate appraisals; Commercial real estate appraisals; Industrial property real estate appraisals; Special Purpose Properties; Probate appraisals; Easement and right of way appraisals and negotiation; Wetland appraisals; Environmentally sensitive land appraisals; Boundary disputes.

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